Professor Amy Langenberg

Professor Langenberg is a scholar of Buddhism with a special interest in doing feminist history through reading Buddhist texts. She also studies the innovations of contemporary female Buddhist communities in Nepal and beyond and, more recently, dynamics around sexual abuse in North American Buddhism. You can check out her collaborative work on abuse here and some of her publications on the topic here.

Professor Langenberg teaches in the Religious Studies discipline at Eckerd, including courses on the history of yoga, socially engaged Buddhism, gender activism in religion, animals, race, and religion, and the colonial history of studying other people’s religions. She also leads a Winter Term global education course in India and Nepal. She strives to be a practitioner of feminist and transformative pedagogy in the tradition of bell hooks, Paulo Freire, and others. She is honored to be the inaugural director of the Eastman Citizenship and Leadership program. Check out her faculty page here. Follow her on Twitter @LangenbergAmy.

All of the above is of some interest to her partner and two grown children. It is of absolutely no concern to her cat (“Kitty”) and dog (“Bob”), and makes zero difference to the passion fruits, figs, guavas, mangos, loquats, bananas, papayas, pineapples, coconuts, and mulberries growing in her St. Petersburg yard.